Uplighting brings your event to life!!!
The secret to effective uplighting lies in the type of lights and their placement to enhance the already beautiful aspects of your wedding.  

How Uplighting Works
Lights are placed facing the wall or element of the room you wish to illuminate. Depending on the desired effect a focused beam of light to a balcony or a diffuse spread of color lighting entire walls, our event specialists will choose the appropriate lights for the job.

Most clients want to add color to a room, or recreate an effect seen in a magazine but aren't sure where to start or how to go about it.  If you can provide pictures of the desired effect we can customize a package to meet your needs and try to work with you to fit within your vision and price range.
We use LED lighting almost exclusively for events which request uplighting.  This is the safest and most environmentally friendly lighting option since they use little energy and don’t get hot like traditional lights. This also allows us to use these lights in:
·         Gazebos
·         Tents
·         Canopys
·         Archways
·         Head Tables
·         Tooling
·         Floral Arrangments
·         Stages
·         Landscaping
·         Surrounds Pools

Color Wash
The most popular effect is to provide a wash of color or colors around the room. They can either be set to a static color or fade through colors at varying speeds.
You may want a static color as guests arrive and through dinner but the lights to slowly fade or speed up to create energy through the dancing portion of the evening.
Beams of Light
A focused beam of color or light on certain aspects of the room may be requested. Having beams of light to add focus to the cake or drama to columns or aspects of the room may be a good fit. Focused beams of light for the entrances and exits of a room also add a nice detail.
Under Table Lighting
This effect can really highlight the head table. Having white linens surrounding the table and placing a light or lights under the table can add a wash of color to the table highlighting the bride and groom.
Architectural Uplighting
Lighting up the exit of the room or venue can be a nice effect for night photography. If you are planning a grand sparkler send off, reserved a really unique hotel, or otherwise want to set the mood on the outside of the venue as well as the inside, placing LED lighting outside can have a very dramatic effect.

Lighting In The Big Picture
When determining a budget for your wedding, lighting should definitely be a consideration. For a fraction of the cost of flowers, favors, or other decorations you can add an elegance and dramatic impact of painting with light. Lighting works well throughout the entire event but really accents your flowers and other decorations allowing them to shine later in the evening. During evening receptions guests will really notice the lighting and comment on how much it adds to the event. It also adds a little something extra to those evening photos turning ordinary candid shots during dancing into something special.

Monogram Lighting for Weddings
Create Impact and Elegance with Light
Monogram lighting is the ultimate touch in personalizing your wedding decorations. This is by far one of the most cost-effective and elegant ways to create a unique and inviting entertaining space out of a traditionally boring or drab reception room.
A monogram light and personalized design creates a high impact focal point in the room providing the perfect backdrop showing off all the beautiful work you've put into the cake, flowers and decor.
Monogram Design
We can either create a design for you, or work with you to take a design/idea you already have and create the camera ready artwork needed to create your monogram light.
A monogram light is created from a design, whether a paper copy, illustration, or computer graphic we convert it into a digital vector illustration. If you have a magazine picture or font idea we can re-create it and customize it as needed.
The best part is that the design can be used for the light, but we also include a high quality version to be used for invitations, programs, cake designs, and to repeat throughout your wedding design and decor.
Creating the Light
The design is then crafted into a piece of metal or high temperature glass called a gobo. The gobo is what the light projects through to create your image. Each of these gobo's are one of a kind and custom created by the manufacturer reflecting in the cost of these lights but also the quality. If you order more than one light, the costs go down per light. This can be great for adding a monogram outside on the building or in a different location.
We make it easy to add monogram lighting to your wedding in addition to our wedding DJ services or in one of our lighting packages or by itself for your wedding. Ideas and consultations are free and if you have an idea we'd love to work with you to make it happen.
Reserve Your Monogram Lighting Today!
We work with you to come up with one-of-a-kind lighting options for your wedding that will truly set your wedding apart and make it truly personal and unique. We can work within your budget to create the biggest impact possible. We have worked at many of the best venues in the event industryand can offer our personal insight to what the options will be for wedding location. This type of expertise is what makes us one of the best entertainment companies in this area.

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